Beauty is what I did for a living. I had defined myself by what I did, and what I looked like. Having that all stripped away was a very empowering experience.


Emmy-winning makeup artist Jan Ping has worked on some of the most famous faces in Hollywood. A career spanning 30 years, working many different formats from talk shows, talent competitions, movies, episodics to photo shoots and live TV.

But Jan, a former actress and print model, says it took breast cancer to deeply understand the meaning of beauty. That experience, which she describes as “endlessly profound,” has changed her life forever.

“The emphasis on what we physically look like is so huge,” she reflects. “Beauty is what I did for a living. I had defined myself by what I did, and what I looked like. Having that all stripped away was a very empowering experience.”

“You realize at the end of it that it is not your lashes, not your hair, not your makeup, nor your breasts that make you beautiful – it is who you are inside. It is a wonderful place to get to and it is one of the blessings.”

Jan enjoys teaching the practicalities to cancer patients, both privately and in classes. Skills to keep their skin hydrated and how to draw in brows and lashes when theirs fall out. How to compensate with corrective makeup for the discoloration caused by chemotherapy and how to cover radiation tattoos and surgical scars.

But it’s the camaraderie and hope that are the real gift for Jan and for the women in her classes. “There is something that happens when I share my expertise and my life experience. It can be really emotional and impactful. For these women that are fighting for their lives, they find hope and comfort knowing that I have experienced a similar life challenge. My goal is to gently guide these women to reconnect with their inner beauty and this transformation is breathtaking.”

Jan now continues to work in television and also enjoys speaking at conferences discussing the emotional effects cancer treatment can have on ones self image, in addition to keynote speaking.

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BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #7

Recently, I had the opportunity to see someone I love experience vulnerability. What I noticed from this was that it seemed uncomfortable for her, and yet for me, it was a beautiful thing to help someone at this deep level of intimacy. Why, then, do we consider being vulnerable a weakness? For as long as […]

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New Breast Cancer Makeover Video

On March 2nd. I was able to perform 2 more makeovers on my show, Hallmark Channels Home and Family TV. This is a continuation of the first segment I was on back in in October. This project is my baby if you will, the first time I have pitched an idea, and I’m looking forward […]

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BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #6

Whether it’s fate or by some other design, all of us are on a path. We can follow it in many different directions, but all of them prove to be insightful. We go through life having these experiences and we are given the opportunity to learn from them, but what we do with these lessons […]

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BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #5

I have performed many makeovers. I’ve seen the recipients lives’ change in an instant, and viewing this transformation first hand is breathtaking. Having said this, I know in my heart that there is more to this story. Witnessing this process got me thinking. I wanted to go deeper, go beyond the serums and creams promising […]

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I’m in a book!!!!

I am so humbled and honored that I was asked to be a part of this wonderful book.   25 Women Who Survived Cancer: Notable Women Share Inspiring Stories of Hope. Please check it out on Amazon, all of the proceeds go to cancer research!!   Here is my story:   Strength in Sensitivity I […]

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BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #4

I was raised on fairytales. Everything had a happy ending. All you really had to do was follow the breadcrumbs and you’d find yourself Home Sweet Home. A wonderful, comfortable and safe place where everything is abundantly beautiful…. This loving place called Home. I have moments experiencing this place I call Home in many different […]

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Breast Cancer Makeover

On Oct. 27th. I had the pleasure of performing my first makeover on my show Home and Family TV. Being my first “pitch” for a segment on the show, I think it turned out very well if I do say so myself. : )  Hope you enjoy and I look forward to many more!!!

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BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #3

Spring is coming, and that means it’s time for rebirth and renewal; time to refresh and revive. This time of year always feels very deep to me, soulful somehow. Maybe it’s because you can literally see that once dormant, snow-clad environment becomes anew, blooming with possibilities. Our thoughts are like seeds that we plant in […]

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BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #2

I’ve taken to rituals, symbolically stating my heart’s desire and doing something “special” to make it real. I consciously declare things that make me happy, smile or give me that feeling of chills. I light my favorite candle and give it away to the universe with full expectation that it will manifest as if I […]

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2016 BCW Thrivers Cruise

This year will be even more amazing. Looking forward to spending time with Thrivers!

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BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #1

Hello, my name is Jan Ping. I am an Emmy winning makeup artist and breast cancer survivor. Because of both of these combined experiences, I now see beauty in a new light, and see it almost everywhere and in every experience I have. I have the opportunity to share my experiences of the many faces […]

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The Gift of Cancer

Looking back, I can confidently say that my experience with cancer was one of the biggest blessings of my life. Yes, I said it. It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received and I would not trade what it has taught me for anything. I have worked as a professional makeup artist […]

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2015 BCW Thrivers Cruise

I’m so excited to participate in this amazing event. Dates are January 22-26. Click here to find out more.

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National Women’s Survivors Convention

Gaylord Opryland Resort, Nashville July 31-August 2, 2014 “What Does Beautiful Really Look Like?” Her skills have enhanced the faces of such notables as Dr. Phil, Dr. Travis Stork, and our own honorary co-chair, Giuliana Rancic. And she’ll share that same knowledge with all of us in SURVIVORville! Professional make up artist and cancer survivor […]

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The Wow Factor

In the last article, I talked about the importance of preparing your skin before make up to create the perfect canvas. While there are many tricks make up pros use in their work, most of us have some pretty basic steps we take with our clients as well as our own make up application. 1. […]

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18 Fashion And Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Your choice of clothing and cosmetics can highlight your sense of style, compliment your best features, and keep you looking fresh and full of life. But sometimes these decisions can backfire: an ill-fitting dress that stretches and sags in all the wrong places, or a shade of makeup that accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. Women […]

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Begin At The Beginning

Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of my make-up tips for dry, mature skin. This information is not only great for ladies “of a certain age,” but is also great for women undergoing cancer treatment, because their skin has a higher tendency to be dry. It is always important to […]

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Jan Ping joins Amgen Chemotherapy Campaign

Emmy®-winning makeup artist and breast cancer survivor, Jan Ping, joins the Chemotherapy: Myths or Facts campaign to share her own experience with cancer. Jan will be sharing some of her favorite tips about makeup and skin care to help women maintain their beauty regimen as they undergo treatment and will encourage women to speak openly […]

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True Beauty? The Face Of A Survivor

So, you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer and you are in shock. When it happened to me I felt surprised and confused. I didn’t think this was going to be one of my life experiences. I had no family history, no glaring symptoms. I wanted to ask my physician if he was sure he had […]

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Makeup Artist & Cancer Survivor Jan Ping Shares Beauty Tips For Cancer Patients

Cancer isn’t generally considered a beautiful thing. But for Jan Ping, an Emmy-winning makeup artist, getting diagnosed with breast cancer helped her rethink beauty entirely. “When the thing that defines you goes away,” Ping told us in an interview, “it’s a challenge.” For many women who fight cancer and undergo chemotherapy, that thing is hair. […]

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As a celebrity makeup artist, you have been able to see your fair (or unfair to the rest of us!) share of celebrities with and without their makeup. Yet, the rest of the world rarely sees celebrities without their “face”. What has being in your shoes shown you about real beauty, and what do you […]

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Cosmetic Effects Of Cancer Treatment

For many people with cancer, their utmost concern is about survival. It seems particularly unjust that many of these individuals must also suffer dermatologic side effects of their treatments that not only are bothersome but add issues of self-esteem and confidence to their fears and anxie- ties about cancer. The Cosmetic Effects of Cancer Treatment […]

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Trust Me, I Would Know

This is an article that was written by my daughter Alice.  It is her account of witnessing my experience with breast cancer.  I am so proud of her and hope you will read it!      

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Jan Ping, Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine

Imagine a life working in Hollywood with some of the most acclaimed beautiful people in the world.  Now imagine your job rests on your ability to make them even more beautiful and for everyone to be satisfied with the results.  Hollywood, where one’s livelihood is based on the image created.  Emmy winning makeup artist Jan […]

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