True Beauty? The Face Of A Survivor

So, you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer and you are in shock. When it happened to me I felt surprised and confused. I didn’t think this was going to be one of my life experiences. I had no family history, no glaring symptoms. I wanted to ask my physician if he was sure he had the right results, if he was sure that was my name on the film.

As much as I wished it would be otherwise, the name was mine: I had breast cancer. I immediately thought about my young daughter, my family. How would they cope with this? Then I thought about the side effects of treatment. All I knew at that time was the possibility of losing my hair.

My way of coping was to give myself a job. I became determined to be proactive about my survival and recovery. Almost immediately I began to think not just about my own journey but about those also getting this same news.

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