BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #6

Whether it’s fate or by some other design,
all of us are on a path. We can follow it in many different directions, but all of them prove to be insightful. We go through life having these experiences and we are given the opportunity to learn from them, but what we do with these lessons is up to us. Life creates this space for growth, and that’s the point, right? But at what cost?

We soon build upon these lessons, and as time goes on, we sometimes forget our truth and lose sight of our beauty. In our desire to achieve what we set out to do, we can get off track and forget what is really at the core of all of us. I believe what is at the core of it all, is love. It’s really very simple yet it becomes the elusive quest that we need to peel away the layers and to return to our truth, our source, our LOVE.

For me, having breast cancer helped me to take off these layers and get back to the love. It was a wake up call that forced me to take a deeper look; an honest, candid look at myself. As rewarding as this can be, it can sometimes be confronting to really delve into what we call our truth. It takes some work at times.

I recently had the incredible opportunity of performing makeovers on two special women who you will read about in this issue of the magazine. Shelley Moreno Ramey and Beth Sanders were very open to the possibility of something more that they were willing to come on the Hallmark Home and Family Show in October and share their stories on national television.

Their willingness to look inward was obvious to me, but I know that for them it was a process. Being on the other end of this discovery, it’s interesting to watch the unfolding of the layers that brings personal insight as well as a deep sigh of recognition, remembering who they once were but had somehow gotten lost due to distractions, pains or hardships of life.

For me, the message here then is not what breast cancer takes from us, but what it gives back. It helps us to see and reconnect with what was there all along. So ladies, I encourage you to peel away, and voice your truth because truth is who we are and is our natural gift.

– Jan Ping

Read this article in the digital issue of Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine on page 28!