BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #3

Spring is coming, and that means it’s time for rebirth and renewal; time to refresh and revive. This time of year always feels very deep to me, soulful somehow. Maybe it’s because you can literally see that once dormant, snow-clad environment becomes anew, blooming with possibilities.

Our thoughts are like seeds that we plant in the soil of our soul. When we consciously choose to think positive thoughts and lovingly plant them, we are rewarded with blooms that are so bright with color and sweetly fragrant, they not only touch our hearts but stimulate our senses, leading us to more joy, more appreciation, and more love.

Sometimes, we have to act like farmers, choosing seeds that will not only inspire us but can also endure rough weather so they can sustain us in the future. Ones that will feed and nurture us through the cold and dark times where growth and transition can seem impossible.

At times, we may need to weed the occasional dandelion or crabgrass, along with a gentle pruning to keep our gardens thriving. This is natural to the process of a growing environment, so don’t be discouraged.

In any phase of life, we need to nourish our creation with sunlight, water, and nutrient-filled soil in order to see our blooms of beauty, possibly even seeing this beauty in a new light.

BeautiFly your gardens, ladies, and may they be filled with hope, light and new beginnings.

– Jan Ping