BeautiFLY Your Life – Installment #1

Hello, my name is Jan Ping. I am an Emmy winning makeup artist and breast cancer survivor. Because of both of these combined experiences, I now see beauty in a new light, and see it almost everywhere and in every experience I have.

I have the opportunity to share my experiences of the many faces of beauty in different arenas in my life. This now being one of them. May I do so with grace and beauty.

Have you ever experienced something so beautiful that you almost felt like you were a part of it? Let me give you a few examples.

Watching someone dancing from their heart. Listening to a well rehearsed symphony. Catching a glimpse of a loving connection or embrace. Like you were soaring above fully experiencing it?

Or sometimes when I look at a beautiful flower, I feel so completely encompassed with the vision that I lose my sense of the physical. Like I am experiencing it so fully that I almost become a part of the flower. Crazy? Well, I am going to offer a suggestion. Next time you see something beautiful, take a moment and notice how you feel. Allow yourself to just “FEEL” the beauty. It’s quite extraordinary when this happens.

Now I want you to look for beauty all around you. In every situation you have. See if you can find the beauty, even when it may appear absent, and experience it fully. May you make this an opportunity to enjoy beauty everywhere as it’s meant to be enjoyed. Fully encompassing, intoxicating and uplifting.

Go out there and BeautiFly Your Lives ladies…and by the way, I think beauty is synonymous with love.

– Jan Ping